Special visitor this Tuesday

Children’s writer Barbara Henderson will visit P4-7 on 26th November (Tuesday) to talk about her smuggling novella Black Water.

Barbara is the author of three children’s novels and a novella:
• Highland Clearances novel Fir for Luck, based on real events in Sutherland
• Victorian boy-on-the-run tale Punch, which begins with the fire which destroyed the original Inverness Victorian Market in 1889, set against a lively backdrop of travelling entertainers
Wilderness Wars, a contemporary eco-thriller for children asking: ‘What if Nature fights back?’
Black Water, a smuggling novella set in 1792 and featuring the poet Robert Burns

RRP for all books is £6.99 each, but if desired, children will be able to buy a book of their choice for £6.00 , and have it personally signed by the author on the day of the visit.

Send correct money in a labelled envelope to the teacher on the day if your child would like a book.


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